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"Completely life-changing.  I am implicated in the work; learning the depth of what this entailed was frightening but also a part of my duty to the craft."



"The instruction was so high-level that I will continue to grow as I more fully digest the feedback and analysis I received."


"The most difficult and the most rewarding workshops I've taken.  And I've taken a lot of them. No instructors challenged me to the extent that [CCWW workshop leaders] did."




"A really intensive, almost boot camp experience that had pushed me way farther out of my comfort zone than anything else."


"My mind was blown.  I had never looked at poetry with such detail and insight before."




"[Workshop leaders] went over and beyond in terms of their level of attention and engagement with our work."


"[The workshop leaders] strategized about how to work with us throughout the two weeks, [so] it felt like we were able to go deeply into our emotional blocks around our writing and reach through our ceilings to the next level."




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