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Founded by the editor in 1976, CALLALOO is a quarterly journal sponsored by Texas A&M University (College Station, TX) and published by Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore, MD). It began as a small journal devoted to the literature of the Black South, but during its thirty-plus years of continuous publication, CALLALOO has become the premiere journal focusing on the literature and culture of the African Diaspora. Although the journal publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, visual art, interviews, and literary and cultural criticism, CALLALOO is, says its editor, “more than a literary journal. It is a de facto literary and cultural center, organizing and coordinating a variety of activities that serve to exhibit, preserve, critique, and promote African Diaspora literary and visual culture.” For a number of years, for example, CALLALOO has offered annual creative writing workshops and hosted retreats and other gatherings that bring scholars and creative writers together. CALLALOO has also sponsored lectures, literary readings, and conferences in the USA and abroad. In other words, the “literary and cultural center” called CALLALOO attempts to provide a number of services to marginalized communities—services that include not only identifying and encouraging new writers and scholars, but also nurturing and promoting them. While extending and expanding the scope of African American literary and cultural studies, and of the aesthetic and trailblazing possibilities of African American literature-in-the making, CALLALOO is, in short, a recorder, arbiter, and enabler of the literary culture of the African Diaspora.

For interviews with the Editor, please email CALLALOO at callaloo@tamu.edu. Please make sure you include the following information in your email:

  1. Name of interviewer
  2. Name of publication
  3. Scope of the interview

For a high resolution official image of Charles H. Rowell, Ph.D, please email callaloo@tamu.edu.



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