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Poetry and Fiction Writing


Director & Editor of Callaloo
Charles Henry Rowell


June 3-16, 2012
Department of Africana Studies Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island


TO APPLY:  Applications must be submitted online at http://www.callaloo.expressacademic.org no later than February 14, 2012. Each applicant must submit a brief cover letter and writing sample (no more than five pages of poetry or twelve pages of prose fiction). The application should be submitted under the CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP category. An applicant may apply in only one area: poetry or fiction. Otherwise the applicant will not be considered for admission. For additional information, Click Here


Alyss Dixson, Bsrat Mezghebe, Jerriod Avant, Ana-Maurine Lara, Jonterri Gadson, Joanne Hillhourse and Colena Corbett read at the 2012 CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPCLICK HERE

* This is a past event. It exists for archive purposes.

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