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The “literary and cultural center” called Callaloo attempts to provide a number of services to marginalized communities—services that include not only identifying and encouraging new writers and scholars, but also nurturing, publishings, and promoting them. While extending and expanding the scope of African American literary and cultural studies, Callaloo is, in other words, a recorder, arbiter, and enabler of the literary culture of the African Diaspora.



Join us at CALLALOO readings, symposia, issue launches and other special events celebrating the literatures and visual cultures of the African Diaspora.


© Chad Cockrum


News from the CALLALOO Editor's notebook on the literatures and visual cultures of the African Diaspora.


© Chad Cockrum


Since the Editor of Callaloo founded the CALLALOO CONFERENCE in 2007 to discuss issues related to literary and scholarly work, the conference has expanded to consider a variety of issues: PAN-AFRICANISM at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, in 2010; TRANSLATION at Texas A&M University in 2011; LOVE (sacred, profane, etc.) at Princeton University in 2012; and THE TRANS-ATLANTIC, THE DIASPORA, AND AFRICA at Oxford University, UK, in 2013.



In 1997, the Editor of Callaloo founded the CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP as an outreach program to historically black colleges and universities—for example, to Morehouse College, Morgan State University, North Carolina Central University, Spelman College, Fisk University, Xavier University of New Orleans, and others. And as the national need for creative writing workshops increased, the editor expanded and opened the CALLALOO CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP to a number of new and emerging writers from across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.


© Chad Cockrum



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